Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Rock it for Back to School

Today I want to show you a quick project I did to enhance some fashion for my daughter.  And let me tell you, eight year olds take their fashion pretty seriously nowadays :)
I bought her a plain, army type jacket, (that she wanted, by the way), but when she got it she thought it looked like something a boy would wear.  I really didn't know what to do until I remembered a good friend of mine had an I-rock.  What's an I-rock?
It looks like this:

It is made by Imaginisce.  I love the I-topper, and have used it often to make centers for flowers, but the I-rock was new to me.  Think BEDAZZLER, only WAY easier.  There are all sorts of templates that you can use that are like stencils.
You lay little I-rock gems or studs in the stencil holes. 
push the I-rock down on it, wait a few seconds, and voila!  You have bedazzled!
The I-rock heats the glue on the back of each gem and in turn, the gem sticks.
Here is a close-up of my swirly that I made:
 Lots of bling and a heart; sweet!
And my little one, proudly wearing her "new jacket".  Those hearts were too cute---had to put a few more on.
I will tell you that I haven't washed the jacket since it has been embellished, but I do not think it will be a problem.  When the adhesive was activated, it sort of melted into the fibers of the jacket.  I will just turn it inside out and hope for the best!
And now, I have to go buy my own I-rock---she wants everything glammed up!
What have I created?
Hope everyone's kiddos had a good start to the school year!  Thanks so much for stopping by today :)

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