Friday, July 19, 2013

Non-layout Projects at Ideas for Scrapbookers~

Over at IFS, Pam is showcasing non-layout projects from the contributing artists...lots of ideas to check out.  My project is a crayon wreath (they were all over Pinterest for awhile there).  Everyone at school loved this wreath; when I left my job, there was a fight over who would "inherit" it!!!  If you are looking for an idea that isn't a layout, head over to IFS for lots of inspiration.  Or feel free to visit any of our contributing artists' blogs and follow...
Cathy Dippolito
Dolores Schaeffer
Cindy deRosier
Marlene Murphy
Lesley Walker
Gael Spence
Sarah Routledge
Sharon Fritchman
Tanya Ham
Sheila Burns
Pam Callaghan

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  1. Sheila! I absolutely love your crayon wreath! Such a creative and fun idea!