Monday, December 30, 2013

Gifts for a class---Christmas or wintertime!

Hi there!
I wanted to share with you a little gift that was "lifted" from Pinterest.  I made these with more goodies from Lynn for my daughter's class.  She handed them out the day of her Christmas party.  However, the colors I used were all blues, and I could see this being a wintertime gift too---to lift the kids' spirits during a long winter!  And, most importantly, it was pretty cheap!  I think maybe about $7 all together!
I stitched two papers together and cut down the side.  I embellished the front.  I type a little tag that said "Warm Winter Wishes" from and had Lucie sign it.  Then I attached it with a stapler.
 Then you tuck in a package of hot chocolate and a mini candy cane.
Again, I got this from Pinterest.  I didn't pin it, but the idea stuck with me!  The lady who originally had the idea made hers much more elaborate, but again, mine were for eight year olds who are definitely not picky when it comes to hot chocolate!
Stay warm, and have a lovely day!


  1. Very cute idea and it would make such a lovely gift.

  2. This is gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeeeee that bird house! And I saw your comment about the comics ... I really appreciate the offer :) I wasn't gonna make anymore of those superhero canvasses ... but I am now thinking I will :) So if the offer still stands ... I would love for some more comics! :)

  3. Very cute and definitely a great gift idea, Sheila!