Thursday, December 6, 2012

Make everyday decorations "Christmasy"

I collect glass/crystal bottle stoppers.  I love the way they look, especially in this little glass "fishbowl" I bought at a garage sale.  I keep this bowl on my dining room table all year.  Every year, when decorating for Christmas, I face the storage dilemma:  what to do with my everyday knicknacky things while I substitute Christmas items for them?
I decided to try this this year, and I really like how it turned out---all I did was add a few red and gold ornaments to the bowl and return it to its regular space on the table!

I love how this looks and it helps alleviate the storage issue.  I may adapt it to other holidays throughout the year as well.  I have some red glass hearts for Valentine's day...

Thanks for looking today!