Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Try-day~use your punches...

Hello and TGIF.  I REALLY mean it, especially this week.  Whew! 
First, I must apologize---part of the Friday Try-day thing was that I was going to try and post a project that used whatever theme/item/technique/etc.  I actually did create something with hot air balloons, never thinking that it was for an upcoming assignment, and I can't reveal it as of yet!  I am sorry!

As I was surfing PINTEREST this week, I came across some great photos that I would love to share...
You can do so much with a circle punch and a scalloped circle punch.  The photos are fairly self-explanatory.  This one, from , is adorable!  I teach a very similar flower, but mine is made from fabric, and mostly, I have made it with a circular shape!
The next photo, from, is using punched circles with some simple folds---love it!
 The last photo, from, appears to be a more complicated version of the above photo---here it is:
This was neat because it showed what some of the folds were...and I LOVE the colors!

Here are a couple of things I have made---this one is a similar concept to the first flower, but instead of paper I use fabric, and instead of a punch I used a die cut:
Or, instead of making a flower, just punch a bunch of circles and use them to highlight your photo, like I did below (A little hard to see, but you get the idea)!
So, when you are embracing all the new embellishments and trends and colors, don't forget your old faithful punches and die-cuts!  Have fun, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wonderful tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love how you used punches to make pretty fancy flowers. I will have to try the fabric sometime.