Friday, July 1, 2011

Hello---another beautiful summer day in the North Country and what am I doing?  Checking out the blogs I follow, of course.  I really like the challenges at scrapfit, and this one in particular (weekend warm-up #9), so I decided to play along.

This "workout" (this is my kind of exercise, man!) is about using paper as embellishments.  Even though my clip-it-up is FULL, I often think I can't use this sticker/flower/embellishment.  It is too good to use.  Do you ever think that?  How ridiculous!  I mean, why do we buy this stuff if we don't use it? In any case, that is often my thought process, so I often find myself turning to paper rather than all the fancy schmanciness I have purchased!

Here is my layout:
I used the 1934 line to highlight my love of MAD MEN, specifically DONALD DRAPER (Jon Hamm).  My girlfriends know I love this show, so every now and then, someone will cut a picture of Don out of a magazine and give it to me.  I don't really know what to do with them, so I stick them on my bulletin board.  One day I took a picture of the pictures I had collected and had it printed in black and white, which really complements  the vintage feel of the 1934 line.  I know I "scraplifted" this layout from a magazine, and I think it was Elizabeth Karchner's.  Now I can't believe I can remember that, but cannot remember what I did yesterday.  Anyway, for embellishments, I punched circles out of a piece of paper that had a circular pattern anyway, and set each circle off with a solid red circle that was slightly bigger. I put a little silver bling in the middle of each circle. I did use a sticker and a piece of lace in the center, vertically, but behind those two things is another piece of paper.  When you use kits, it is super easy to embellish with paper because it already coordinates!  I love this page because it is very simple and I rarely do a page that is not about my kids! 
Have a great day, and thanks for looking :D


  1. Love your layout!! I have to agree, we tend to purchase embellishments for the perfect thing and never use them!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. This is wonderful!! Awesome circles...they look way more expensive than just being cut out of paper! Way to rock the challenge! Thanks for playing with us at ScrapFIT!

  3. I love your colors! The black back ground is perfect! Thanks for Working Out with us a ScrapFIT!

  4. Great page! love the circles..Thanks for playing with us at ScrapFIT!