Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Nice Tradition (and a little coffee)

Hope everyone is enjoying their six year old and I have a scrapbooking date today, but before we venture into the craft room, I wanted to share my end of the year gift to her teacher.
I did the same thing for my older daughter's Kindergarten through grade 4 teachers. I stopped after grade 4, because at our school, fifth grade is considered "middle school" and each child has a bazillion (well, like 7) teachers.
I used a chipboard album, and a school themed kit.  It is from October Afternoon, and I love the vintagey vibe to this line.  The chipboard album was $1.00 at Michael's. 
I have done it different ways, but this year, I took pictures of all the children in my daughter's class at Halloween.  I had them printed in wallet sizes.  I had to put two to three pictures on each page to make it fit.
Here is a glimpse of the album, with my little LuLu peeking out from the back.  I then had her write a little note to her teacher, and we glued that on the back page.  Overall, all of the K-4 teachers have LOVED these gifts, and been very appreciative of them.  I've even had teachers say to me, "I can't wait to see your scrapbook at the end of the year!"  Different years, I've had the students add their names, or write a sentence about what they remember most about the year.  It is lots of fun to do, and I have four left before my youngest goes to middle school.  Also, because the albums are very formulaic, it is super easy to do---had this one almost done by February!  I used a lot of the kit on the album, but had enough paper left over to make some mini-albums and several teacher-themed cards. It is also a great way to use little bits of ribbon and other embellishments that you have no idea what to do with.
I have also seen lots of coffee themed gifts on line that I loved with the tag line "Thanks a latte" which I thought was sooo cute.  Here is my take on that one:
Lucie's teacher loves the frozen coffee drinks from McDonald's and so I went to McDonald's and asked for an empty cup.  They looked at me very strangely, but fortunately they obliged.  I took a gift card and wrapped it in brownish/gold tissue paper.  I glimmer misted while tissue paper (by the way, you can skip this step, as the glimmer mist really didn't show up) and scrunched it up in the top of the cup to look like whip cream.  I hand lettered the little tag and tied it on with twine.  Let me tell you---she also LOVED this and used it the next morning! 
I don't think it is ever too late to start a tradition like the "scrapbook a year"!
Thanks for looking.

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