Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October! A quick Halloween Decor Project---

Hi there!
I LOVE October, and I love decorating for Halloween. Today, I'd like to show you a project I made, literally, in 10 minutes.
I stop by Big Lots every few weeks and walk through their teeny scrapbooking and craft section, because you never know what you might find.  I can walk right by the packages that have twenty-five sheets of the same page of paper.  But every so often, something catches my eye. 
I take it home, never knowing what I will do with it, and then inspiration strikes.
Well, I bought a piece of orange tissue accordion paper.  You know, when we were little, our elementary teachers had decorations with this stuff. 
I trimmed it into a pumpkin-shaped piece, opened it up, and....
THIS is what happened!
Then I rolled up a little piece of paper for the pumpkin stem and glued it on.
I bought a ton of these frames at IKEA when they were on sale for $.99!  I use them to make d├ęcor and gifts all the time.  I also used some Bella Blvd Papers and embellishments.  There was a little card in one of their lines that said "carving out memories" (below).  I put it into my typewriter (that was free on the side of the road) and typed "The Burns" above it and "since 1993" below it.  I cut it down and inked up the edges. 
The longest part of the project was getting the type just right!  And still, it was about ten minutes! 
The moral of the story is---next time you are in a store, and you see something strange but interesting, grab it.  You never know when it'll come in handy!
Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Soooooooo cute cute cute!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee this!!!!! Pinning!!!!

  2. ADORABLE!!! :) I have so many of those frames in a box in my scraproom closet. I love them!!! :)

  3. Adorable Shelia! Such a great use of the accordion paper! Really fun home decor piece!