Friday, September 14, 2012

Halloween Project---use up your old letter stickers!

You know how you pin stuff like a crazy person?  And then try to make it but you aren't sure how it's gonna turn out so you don't take pictures of the process?  (Well, maybe I am just talking about myself here.)  That's what I did.  I saw an awesome project and pinned it.  When I began to post this, I looked at my pin so I could give credit to the person who originally made this, but all it said as a source was "google".  I know I got it from an awesome blog somewhere, so if any of you know where the picture came from (I will show it at the end), please let me know so I can let the artist know how much she inspired me.

I started with a 12X12 canvas from Big Lots, $5.  I painted the whole thing with gesso (white paint would work fine as well).  And then, the best part---after some measuring (which is usually a disaster for me but wasn't so bad), I used a bunch of letter stickers to spell out the name of some spooky places the original artist had on her sign (I had to add FORKS, though). Then, once the letters were on, I spray painted the whole thing black.  When it's dry, peel the letters off and you have awesome halloween subway art!
Here is my project:

 Here is the project that inspired me:
Love them both.
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  1. LOVE this. I will definitely have to try this!

    1. By the way, I just stumbled across the original piece that inspired you. It's from Lil' Luna and here is the link.

  2. Thanks, Erin! I just went there and commented! What an awesome blog---immediately signed up to follow :)