Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Final Practical Scrappers Entry

Hello!  I am a little confused, but here is what I think will happen:   on Saturday, my final layout will be posted...I am pretty sure that there will be some voting involved.  Then some will advance by votes, and the team at Practical Scrappers will choose some favorites as well.
You had some quilts to choose from for inspiration, and I had to choose from a list of things to put on my layout.  I chose:  chipboard, buttons, ribbon, and a banner.  Here is my layout (And BTW, it looks crooked.  It isn't, I promise.  Sometimes when I crop the photo, it does that.  Sorry!):
I am loving my cricut lately, which is great, bc it is expensive to own if you don't love it! I used my new cartridge, Art Philosophy, to cut the shape with the diamonds on it, and also to cut my banner shapes.
My picture was a tiny bit blurry, but I think you can use blurry pictures and get away with it every once in awhile.  I sewed the hell out of those diamond shapes, which you will be able to see better here:
I love the buttons on the tree.  Thank god I have an obsession with buttons so I was able to find the perfect shade.

This shows the title, "Almost Time," and shows a little bit of journaling.  My journaling reads:  "My poor Ellie-Belle, at 13 it's "almost" time-almost time for high school, almost time for a boyfriend, almost time to drive, almost time to be independent...I want you to know that I've been there.  Really.  And I know 13 is tough.  And when you are ready to like me again, I'll be ready. ~Mom"
I journaled some "hidden" stuff about her the other day and a bunch of folks responded that they could relate!  I feel like I either (A) won't be able to scrap her because she is soooo annoying, or (B) every page I do manage to do will be all maudlin, depressing, and sappy like this one.  What a mom of a teenager to do?
Anyway, vote on Saturday at Practical Scrappers if you remember and if you want to.  Otherwise, don't worry about it and have a great day.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have a girl who will be 11 in a few weeks and I'm already seeing sparks of angst. It makes me sad, but I guess it's just a part of life. We all went through it, didn't we?

    That banner is FABULOUS, and now I feel the urge to drag out my neglected, dusty Cricut. Please let me know when & where to vote!

  2. You have my vote! Did you get an email saying you made it to the Top 15? I didn't get one :( . I know what your saying about teenagers...I had a teenage daughter...all I can say is, I'm here to support you, lol. They do regain semi-consciousness around 20 again, lol. Good Luck in the next round!

  3. You have my vote! I'll keep voting for you!!!!! Loved the journaling on your page. I do think it is important to scrap the cranky and unhappiness sometimes. It is all part of being a teenager and will be something your daughter will look back on remember.

  4. How sweet, I love how you used those buttons!!!!

  5. Wow, Sheila, this is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the individually cut diamonds with all that stitching and your button tree! ~ Blessings