Sunday, January 22, 2012

And the layouts keep rolling!

Here's another layout based on a Sketch I found at Creative Scrappers.  You can see the challenge here.
I took these two pictures of Lucie after some playtime outdoors when her cheeks and nose were all rosy (and she is also displaying some battle scars from sliding, but that is another story).  I LOVE closeup photos, and I was thinking about these pictures, when an advertisement for a movie came on the television:  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Now I am pretty sure this movie is about 9/11, and obviously these pictures are not, but there is something about that title that sums up Lucie's personality---she is loud and in your face!!! So that is what I chose to call it.  I also chose Crate Paper's Farmhouse collection mostly because it is the one collection that I like but don't feel compelled to use constantly, and the pictures didn't really dictate any particular color or pattern!
Here's a shot of the title, and a closeup of the paint I edged each photo with...I use this technique a lot!  Do you have any techniques you find yourself using over and over again?  Let me know~I love a good tip!
One more shot:
I had to put the little chipboard teacups there because in our house, a big mug of HOT CHOCOLATE always follows some time outdoors!
 Thanks for looking :o)

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  1. Love the painting on the edges of the photos!!!!!!!!!! Since when have you started doing that?
    what do I do a lot? My new thing is to stamp a few of the same images and then use a fat popdot to put between 2 of them to give a layered look. Then a put a few (1 is never enough) on my page