Sunday, May 15, 2011

A cute (and cheap!!!) baby gift~

Hello and happy Sunday! 
For a friend's upcoming shower, a group of us are filling a diaper bag with little things that are useful (and pretty!).  I decided to make the soon to arrive baby a little hat, and make her big sister a matching one.  When my second came along, it was hard for my six year old to understand why this baby who wasn't even born yet was getting so many gifts...I was so grateful to folks who understood this and gave a small memento to the "big sister"!  This flower is not a new idea---this is just my interpretation of it.  Each one turns out a little differently, just like sisters do!
Here is the finished product:

Over the weekend, I had a chance to go to Hobby Lobby (otherwise known as The Holy Land).  I purchased two little brown knit caps ($3.99 each).  All the ribbon was 50% off, so I scored some beautiful gold "wired" ribbon for only $2.00. 

SO here is what you need for this project:

Sorry for the pictures---hard to get good light on a rainy ole day like this one!  That is a felt circle---cut it out by hand.
Ok, so first, I pulled the wire on one side to gather the ribbon.  Just be sure to hold both ends so you don't pull the wire out completely...guess how I learned that?  That's right.  Pulled it out completely.  Twice!
Then, begin to hot glue the gathered ribbon to the outside of the felt circle. 
Keep gluing around the felt circle and when you finish your first circle, keep on gluing inside your first circle:
 Keep going and you will end up with a little hole in the middle where you can see the white felt.
To fill the hole I used about seven inches of tulle that I already had.

 Gather one end of the tulle and tie in a knot.
 Trim the end close to the knot.
 Start twisting the tulle and folding it away from you...follow this link for a really awesome youtube tutorial  if you have trouble with this.You probably won't use all the tulle---just cut the end  and hot glue it under.  You may want to have a stick or something to assist you with the hot glue portion---I burned the heck out of my finger, because the hot glue will come through the holes in the tulle.
 So this is what you end up with---photo is very light---sorry!
 Glue a pin on the back and cover it with a bit of felt.

Pin it to the hat!

Each hat cost me about $4.75. What I like about the pin option is that if my friend would like to put something else on the hat, she can.  I can even make her some different flowers for different occasions.

I can't wait to see pictures of the girls in their matching hats!

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