Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is a close up of some flowers on a layout I did a while ago.  I have a ton of paper flowers and am always looking for ways to make them more exciting.  I am also always on the lookout for ways to use materials that I find around the house.  These flowers were made with (1) an existing paper flower, (2) a decorative brad, (3)a small punched paper circle, and (4), some iridescent cellophane wrap that was left over from making a Halloween Costume (a whole other post---don't ask)!

I twisted the cellophane till it was thin like a string.  I then wound the twisted cellophane around my finger into a circular shape, being careful to keep the shape flat.  I secured the end with a glue dot.  I then layered, starting from the bottom up, paper flower, cellophane circle, paper circle, decorative brad.  I liked the touch of shimmer from the iridescent cellophane---it made the flowers seem more fun!

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